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electro Harmonix Bi-Filter Rackmount Dual Analog Filter Processor
Tipo Prodotto: NUOVO
Nome Prodotto: Bi-Filter Rackmount Dual Analog Filter Processor
Marca: electro Harmonix
Codice DISM: Bi-Filter
Prezzo: Visita il nuovo sito
Garanzia: 2 Anni
Garanzia gestita da electro Harmonix
Disponibilità Disponibile su richiesta
Sul Web:

Rackmount Dual Analog Filter Processor

Multi-mode filters and an all-analog signal path pumps up your sound with the world's fattest, sweetest filter power. Two separate filter sections can be used in serial or parallel with different tonal sweeps, which react individually or interactively. Phase control allows for further contouring. Individual outputs for each filter plus a mixed output. In addition an external CV in or Expression Pedal in for controlling the filters with external devices, footswitch pedal input and two CV outputs enable audio triggering from each filter.
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